Our Service

Film/reflective Scanning

35mm slide and negative scanning at 4000dpi maximum with Nikon LS4000ED film scanner.

Other larger format film of up to 4x5 inch, Epson 4870 with maximum 4800dpi.

Reflective at 4800dpi up to 8x10 inch.

File formats supported for film output

Most picture formats - JPG, TIFF, BMP, PSD.

For other formats, please email us first.

Media Format

CD/DVD or through internet.


35mm and 6x7cm slide and negative at 8000 lines max.

Photo Editing

All kinds of photo editing, picture restoration... etc. Please check with us at

Our capability is not only shown in the equipment we have, most important is our experience and patience that ensure our customers getting the best result.